better ways to happy days

Social, Emotional and Behavioural Resources


Clear and specific resources, to explicitly teach effective social, emotional and behavioural skills and strategies.


Better Ways schools and homes, use;

  • Consistent language
  • Visual supports
  • Clear expectations and consequences
  • Discussion sheets to build strong relationships
  • Resources promoting power of  behaviour choices
  • Planning and recording sheets 

Purchase and download resources here; 

Resources available include:

  • Classroom/Home Posters (Behaviour, Rules, Positive Mindset)
  • Social Skills – Work Sheets, Flash Cards, Posters, Tip Sheets, Activities
  • Emotional Skills – Work Sheets, Flash Cards, Posters, Tip Sheets, Activities
  • Behavioural Skills – Work Sheets, Flash Cards, Posters, Tip Sheets, Activities
  • Problem Solving Skills – Work Sheets, Flash Cards, Posters, Tip Sheets, Activities
  • Positive Language Frames for Educators
  • Positive quotes/flip cards



A little about me…

I am passionate about sharing thoughts and ideas to help raise a KIND, FAIR, SAFE and FUN community.

I am a mother, a wife and a passionate special needs education assistant. In 2002, I became a parent and had my second child in 2006. The social, emotional and behavioural growth of my own children, inspired me to write and create visuals, to help teach them strategies to self regulate and cope with the expectations and consequences of the world around them. As I began to recognise consistencies in what worked and what didn’t, I became passionate about sharing ideas with students and parents as well. With the encouragement of friends and family, Better Ways to Happy Days was born.

The most powerful thing I have learned, when supporting children with social, emotional and behavioural development, is that consistency and positive relationships are vital to success in all situations.

I am by no means an expert and my family and students are constantly dealing with new challenges just like everyone else. I do, however, hope to share tools and ideas that I have found successful over the years and perhaps inspire some hope for better ways to happy days.

Thanks for visiting!